Express Deposit & Change + Notes

The XDCi-N Express Deposit and Change solution is a self-service device designed to combine the ability to accept deposits of barcoded bags and the dispense of rolled and loose coins – and notes – in exchange for account credit or high-value banknotes.

This combined functionality positions the XDCi as the only device that offers in one, small footprint, the two key transactions essential to business customers: getting change for their tills at the start of the day, and depositing their end-of-day takings swiftly and without cash exposure, in less than 30 seconds.

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  • The XDCi-N allows to provide commercial customers with a quick and convenient combination of cash exchange and express deposit services in one device.

  • A deposit transaction can take less than 30 seconds and involves no cash exposure. The user simply goes to the device, identifies themselves using their bank card or their account details, scans the barcode on the sealed bag, and then places the deposit in the chute.

  • A business change transaction usually takes a little over a minute depending on the amount of change required. This function eliminates the need to pre-order change and queue up in-branch to pick up change. The user can now go to the device, identify themselves using their bank card or their account details, enter the change required using the menu provided, and pick up the change once dispensed by the machine.

  • Thanks to the flexibility offered by this solution, it lends itself to a number of other functions, such as A) deposit of documents, valuables, currencies B) Bill payment, C) Loose note deposit and/or recycling, and others.
Weight 640 kg
Dimensions 705mm (W) x 1800mm (D) x 1042mm (H)
Operating System

Windows 10


17" Colour LCD Screen


Up to 816 coin rolls split in 6 silos = 6 denominations, Up to 9,414 loose coins in 6 hoppers, 1 x 1,200 4-way note acceptor, 165 Litre deposit box (approx. 40 bags 260 x 160 x 60 mm), up to 3 x NMD cassettes = 12K notes + 1 x 250 note reject cassette

Supervisor Panel

10.4" Color LCD Touchscreen


40mm CEN safe with lock options


Custom 80mm Thermal Printer

Chute Size (Deposit)

330 w x 260 d x 70 h (mm)

Audio Output