Compact Intelligent Note Deposit

The SDM100 is a compact smart safe created specifically for convenience stores, quick-service restaurants, pharmacies, petrol stations, and other small-format retail environments. To suit every requirement, the SDM100 offers flexible storage and safe options in less than 1sqm footprint. Its size allows the SDM100 to fit even in tiny back office spaces or under the POS at checkout, making it the ideal choice for diverse businesses around the world.
  • Deposit up to 6 banknotes per second into a heat-sealing disposable stacking bag with 3,000 notes capacity.
  • BV 5000 sensor employs the most advanced banknote recognition technologies – magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, and visible light.
  • C-Link software allows for remote monitoring and management of the device in real time.
  • The SDM100 only releases the safe’s opening function once the stacking bag has completely sealed, allowing the money to be collected by CIT without risk of tampering.
  • Can be easily integrated with coin processing units to offer a complete intelligent cash deposit solution.
Weight 170-395 kg
Dimensions 460mm (W) x 685mm (D) x 995mm (H)



380mm w x 630mm d x 690mm

Available Safes

8mm, UL 291 and CEN IV


Barcode reader (1D or 2D)