1+ 1 Note Counter and Sorter

 The NC6500 is a compact, cost-effective and low noise 1+1 pocket sorter designed specifically for banking. It offers superior counterfeit detection and note recognition technology to quickly detect and sort notes by currency, denomination, orientation, and fitness. 

Easy to use and maintain, the NC6500 is proven to deliver consistent, accurate counting and validation, optimal performance, and swift operation every time. 

  • Multi Currency Detection – Up to 5 currencies.
  • Counting Speed – 900/1200/1500 notes/min.
  • RBA Next Generation Banknotes (NGB) – Detection and validation.
  • Several Counting Modes – Mix count / Denomination count / Piece count.
  • LCD Display – 2.8 inch graphic LCD.
  • Simple Maintenance – Unique clamshell bill path technology provides easy jam removal and routine service maintaining work.
  • SD Card Upgrade – System upgrade can be performed easily and quickly via an SD card.
  • Options – 2-line Customer display, Thermal printer.
Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 280mm (W) x 272mm (D) x 282mm (H)

Counting, authentication, fitness sorting, and serial number scanning are simultaneously performed in one pass.
Cheque reading functionality is available as an option.


Up to 1,100 notes per minute (piece count).

Counterfeit Detection

MR, MG, CIS, UV, IR reflection and transmission, and thickness sensor


YES, recognises up to 10 currencies at once including USD, EUR, and GBP

Power Supply

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz (50W Consumption)



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