Cash Redemption Terminal

The CRTi Cash Redemption terminal is a secure and cost-effective self-service voucher-to-cash converter designed to read barcodes or QR codes and dispense the amount embedded into the code.

Initially created in collaboration with a global player of the waste recycling industry, the CRTi is perfect to automate payouts in gaming, gambling, lottery and betting. The machine can in fact read barcodes on cashout vouchers or lottery tickets, and QR codes printed on payout receipts or directly on chips. Once the winning is confirmed via our cloud-based CashManager system in integration to the venue’s or lottery management system, the winning is dispensed instantly and accurately, in cash. The CRTi allows gaming venues to maximise their security and streamline their operations by completely outsourcing the management of cash to a secure, ATM-like device. Our robust CRTi solution offers large capacity, ease of use, and complete safety. After rapid growth in the waste recycling industry, we are now ready to roll out this solution globally in gaming, gambling, lottery, and betting venues.
  • Safer, Cashless Exchange Counters
  • Minimise Shrinkage and Human Error
  • Cashier Functions are fully automated
  • Save on Staff, Admin, Security and Insurance Costs
  • Barcoded vouchers are voided in real-time
  • Real-time reposting across all locations
  • 24/7 fault monitoring and proactive alert system
  • Average 1.25 call outs per year
Operating System

Windows 10


15” colour LCD touchscreen


8 Coin Hoppers – Capacity currency dependent, Up to 4 note cassettes (3,000 notes each) + reject

Barcode Scanner

1D and 2D Barcodes


80mm thermal printer


CEN-L Equivalent (12mm plate safe) + S&G Key Lock

Supervisor Panel

10.4” colour LCD touchscreen

Monitoring Software

Cloud-based reporting, monitoring and analytics platform, CashLantern enables full visibility of transactions via customisable dashboards. Permission levels, as well as threshold and error alerts, can be set by the User.

Software App

CashManager module within CashLantern allows to generate and print unique QR codes containing amount to dispense, date, and time. Once the transaction is completed, the QR code is voided automatically, but can also be voided manually or after a set time-date.

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