Coin Sidecar

The coin sidecar is a coin-in upgrade module designed to allow your existing self-service hardware to accept large deposits of loose, unsorted coins as an account deposit (online version) or a redeemable voucher. The optional coin-out functionality allows the dispense of loose coins, even in small denominations. This way, customers can withdraw cash from their bank account both notes and coins and access any transaction where dispensing change is required at the self-service wall.

The patented self-cleaning mechanism clears out the coin bowl after each count, by opening the coin head and spinning the coin wheel to let any debris or foreign objects drop into the waste tray underneath. This feature protects the coin head module from damage and jams in case of foreign objects in the coin mix, such as screws, paperclips, scotch tape, pieces of paper, and even small bags of coins. The self-cleaning mechanism dramatically reduces jams and module errors, minimises the maintenance needed on the coin head, and maximises the machine’s uptime and efficiency.

The optional coin-out functionality is provided by adding a set of coin hoppers above the coin head. Depending on space constraints and hardware requirements, we envision accommodating 4 hoppers in the slim version and 8 in the standard design. Each holding approx 2,000 coins, the coin hoppers will be mounted on a tray which will slide out to allow easy replenishment by the branch staff.


  • Add coin processing functionality to any existing self-service hardware without incurring large refurbishment costs
  • Offers coin deposit capability whilst offering an attractive ROI within a lower volume environment
  • Allows the migration of all cash handling functions to the self-service wall and adds coin-in / coin-out functionality to decentralised locations and 24-hour hubs
  • Proven technology combined with clever, space-saving design only adds from a minimum of 250mm to a maximum of 450mm width to your existing solution
  • With the help of a coin sorter, the CDi-S solution allows the recycling of the coins deposited by customers to top up the dispensing module (optional)
  • Comes with full XFS layer to easily integrate into ATM software environment
Dimensions 694mm (W) x 250mm (D) x 920mm (H)
Coin Acceptance

Trickle feed head (50-60 coins) + conveyor

Coin Dispense

4 hoppers of approx. 2,000 loose coins each (SLIM), 8 hoppers of approx. 2,000 loose coins each (REGULAR)

Coin Mechanism

Self-cleaning and calibrating coin head mechanism with 5th generation sensor technology (16 parameters of detection)

Processing Speed

Up to 350 coins per minute

Coin Vault Capacity

30 Litres = approx. 15,000 coins (SLIM), 65 Litres = approx. 32,500 coins (REGULAR)

User Guidance

Illuminated reject coin tray


3-point locking on upper door, 5mm secure cabinet with 2 x 7 lever locks

Power Supply

Internal PSU fitted

Dimension (SLIM)

250 w x 694 d x 920 h mm, Total width when combined with a XDCi – 955mm

Dimensions (REGULAR)

450 w x 694 d x 920 h mm, Total width when combined with a XDCi – 1,145mm