WR Series

Coin Wrappers

Coin wrappers have become essential equipment for CIT/armoured carrier companies, mints and other industries that have a requirement to handle large volumes of coin. The Glory WR series has met this need, with enhanced speed and performance. With the WR90 as the standard model and the WR500 as the heavy-duty model for large-volume coin processing, the WR series counts and wraps coins more smoothly and efficiently than any other competitor in the market.
  • Advanced detection capability against forged coins and foreign materials and reject pocket for continuous operation.
  • In-built LCD control panel with improved visibility and operability, combined with easy-to-understand illustrated operation guide, makes it easy and intuitive to use.
  • Fully opened upper and front doors allow Operators to easily access core parts of the machines to quickly resolve any issues.
  • Counting speed: up to 2,000 coins/min for the WR50, and 3,000 for the WR500.
  • Wrapping speed: up to 25 rolls/min for the WR50, 40 rolls/min for the WR500.
  • Hopper capacity: up to 9,000 5c coins the WR50, 18,000 the WR500 (32 denominations max)
  • OPTIONAL: Extra-large hopper, larger paper roll stand, printer, escrow for wrapped coins, and external interface.

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 450mm (W) x 633mm (D) x 1100mm (H)

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