Loose Coin Bagging Machine

The original design requirement for the SC Bagger 9225P with 2 units of SC3003 Coin Counter was that it had to have a bag size of sufficient volume to be able to hold 1,000 loose coins of approximately 25mm diameter. This combination is used to bag bulk loose coins, with each of the SC3003’s supplying half of the total count required. In addition to its use for bagging loose coin, the SC Bagger 9225P is now also used on Mini BPS systems to bag sacheted coins. Machine bagging output speed for loose coin depends on the SC3003s’ coin quantity and denomination settings.
  • For simple standalone applications, a system comprising an SC9001E with a single coin counter is set up with either the SC3003 or SC360 coin counter, depending on local requirements and coin processing volumes.
  • For higher throughput applications, a system with the SC9001E sachet machine with a TFCF unit (escrow) and dual SC3003 is installed, providing optimum sachet production speed. Usually used on Mini BPS or Three Channel Bullion Packaging Systems.
  • Electro-mechanical operation
  • Up to 55 sachets/minute for the single option, 80 sachets/minute for the
    dual option.  (20 coins per sachet, 22mm diam.)
  • Variable and 7 pre-set sachet lengths, from 80mm to 140mm
  • Typically co-extruded polyethene film, 55 μm
  • Capacity per 8 hours shift: Ca. 450,000 coins single counter option, 100,000,000 for dual counter option.
  • Specialised mechanics within the unit offer trouble-free control and easy maintenance.
  • Modular design for easy component replacement ensures that running costs are kept to a minimum.
Weight 275 kg
Dimensions 810mm (W) x 1150mm (D) x 1190mm (H)

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