SC Bagger 9250P

Bulk Bagging Machine

The SC 9250P Big Bagger is used in conjunction with the SC Sachet 9100H2 as an aid to the operator in the bulk bagging of sachets. It is a fully automatic machine that fills and seals the big bag continuously. The produced big bags are then transported via integrated conveyor belts for further processing (i.e., check weighing and labeling). It operates pneumatically and requires an electrical supply to power, air supply, 5.5 bar and 4 liters per cycle.
  • Feeding speed: Up to 20 bags/minute, depending on coins per sachet and sachet per bag.
  • Type of operation: Pneumatic, dry, clean air, 5.5 bar.
Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 860mm (W) x 1180mm (D) x 1375mm (H)

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