RCS402.2 + SDM504S

Note and Coin Recycler

The RCS402 + SDM504S solution is a completely integrated 24/7 self-service cash recycling solution. It automatically counts, sorts and stores cash, logs the transaction, prints a receipt, and resets for the next operation, within a couple of minutes. Perfect for hotels, convenience stores and smaller retailers looking to reduce manual cash handling, this solution increases efficiency and staff flexibility, by enabling a faster, more efficient cashier routine.
  • Dispenses floats in under a minute without manual counting.
  • During the day, the solution also serves as a continuous cash supplier, enabling staff to support cashiers with change when needed.
  • At the end of the day, the cashier logs on and deposits unsorted coins and notes from the day’s takings.
  • Notes are stored in the recycling device for future float dispense or sent to a self-sealing stacking bag within the safe. The banknotes deposited for banking are ready for CIT collection, reducing time on-site and frequency of visits.
  • The system will log deposited funds by operator/department and provide extensive reporting and customisation.
Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 1320mm (W) x 667mm (D) x 1370mm (H)
Product Video


To understand the benefits and capabilities of this Cash Recycling solution, please watch the enclosed demonstration video.

Enjoy and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our product support team.

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