RCS402.2 + RCS700

Note and Coin Recycler

The RCS402.2 + RCS700 solution is a fully integrated 24/7 self-service cash recycling solution for busy cash office environments. It minimises the cost of manual cash handling by automating every function of your cash office and increasing staff efficiency and accountability by enabling a faster, more efficient and secure cashier routine. The proven and successful RCS402 coin module is now paired with a high-capacity note module featuring state-of-the-art technology and the ability to recycle up to 8 denominations at a time. RCS402.2 now comes with a flexible system for different tills to make the solution fit to your detailed needs.
  • All cash office functions are optimised and fully automated: floats preparation and distribution, change management, end of day deposits and reconciliation, reporting, discrepancy investigation, and banking preparation can all be done in minutes.
  • Deposited coins are counted, sorted and stored in recycling hoppers, ready for the next dispense. Total coin capacity over 16k coins plus overflow bin.
  • Coins can be dispensed directly into the customer’s till (if within possible configurations) or in a Universal Cash Drawer that allows to transport the float securely to the till.
  • Notes can be deposited in bulk quickly and efficiently, thanks to the continuous feed mechanism and the absence of an escrow function.
  • Notes are stored in 4 stacking cassettes for future float dispense or sent to a banking cassette within the safe for CIT pick-up. All cassettes can be configured to store around 3,400 of a single denomination or up to 1,800 of a denomination and 450 of a second denomination (each).
  • State-of-the-art cloud-based reporting and monitoring platform, CashLantern allows full visibility of cash and CIT integration. POS integration also available, upon request and subject to terms and conditions.
  • Optional biometric reader provides an extra layer of security and accountability when Users log in, with the opportunity to use the RCS login/logout as a shift management tool.
  • The Till dispense function is optimized to have the correct amount of coins in each pocket, this will minimize spillage and coins to be carried in other ways.
Weight 690 kg
Dimensions 930mm (W) x 1120mm (D) x 1155mm (H)
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To understand the benefits and capabilities of this Cash Recycling solution, please watch the enclosed demonstration video.

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