Penguin 709S

Self-Service Coin Deposit Solution

With improved 4th generation technology, the Penguin 709S is an easy-to-use self-service counting and sorting machine that counts up to 20 different coins and sorts up to 9 coin denominations into coin drawers or coin bags. CTcoin’s sensors ensure highest counting accuracy while rejecting foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
  • Improved 4th generation coin sensor technology.
  • Programmable batch counting and fee system.
  • Integrated large four-line easy-to-read display and thermal printer with cutter.
  • Noise reducing material.
  • Automatic coin feeding (conveyor belt) and extension shelf for easy service access.
  • CTcoin’s patented hopper cleaning system that removes all debris after each counting.
  • Pioneering design for modern bank and office decors.
  • Options include: PC connection, Host communication, External display, Kit for multi-bagging, Coin trolley, Coin cartridge for large coin bags, Card reader, Keypad, Optional colour, Bank note acceptor.
Weight 118 kg
Dimensions 560mm (W) x 910mm (D) x 900mm (H)

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