Mini Bulk Packing Solution

A Mini Bullion Pack System consists of a bulk coin feed hopper which, via a coin lift, feeds the two SC3003 coin counters fitted on the SC9100H2 sachet machine. The completed sachets are fed from the SC9100H2 into an SC Bagger 9225P via a vertical sachet counter/elevator.  
  • The system can reach an output of over 1000 sachets per hour.
  • The system portrayed to the left consists of a single-point-feeding bulk coin hopper and coin distribution conveyors, 6 x SC3003 Coin counters, 3 x SC9100H2s, 3 x Vertical Sachet Elevators and 1 x overhead conveyor, which in turn count and feed the sachets of coin into an SC Bagger 9250P.
Dimensions 3000mm (W) x 3010mm (D) x 2700mm (H)

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