Mach 9

Multi-Pocket Coin Sorter

The Mach 9 is a high-speed coin sorter applicable to financial processing centres, vending companies and gaming houses where throughput and reliability are paramount.

Like other units in the Mach series, this unit uses a patented sorting system for trouble-free operation and unrivaled performance, while an easy-to-read backlit graphics display provides clear function status and operational messages.

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  • Glory’s patented technology provides optimal and accurate counting and sorting at 4,500 coins per minute.
  • Inspection pan capacity: Up to 5000 coins.
  • The Mach 9 allows to user to select from 3 individual bag stops, batch and grand totals with ease using a direct keypad.
  • When in use, a two-line alphanumeric display clearly conveys operational messages while a lockout security function protects vital operating information.
  • Offers coin authentication option, utilising Glory’s patented WAVE sensor technology.
  • Can track and consolidate management information, eliminating the need for manual reporting.
  • Notes can be entered manually or automatically transferred if a note counter is interfaced, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail.
Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 718mm (W) x 685mm (D) x 1041mm (H)

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