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Customer-Facing Cash Recycler

Customer-facing note and coin recycling solutions designed to be implemented at the Point of Sale (POS). It allows customers to pay both notes and coins directly into the machine when paying by cash. The unit will count, store, and dispense change back directly to the customer. Our INLANE products are affordable, low-cost note and coin recycling solutions ideal for retail environments like supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, convenience stores, food courts, and fashion/apparel with lower cash volumes. The INLANE range offers a flexible note and coin capacity to suit your store needs and dimensions.
  • Contact-free: No need to exchange cash
  • Hygienic: Avoid handling cash and food at the same time
  • Fast service: Reduces queuing and time spent handling cash
  • Secure: Helps to prevent internal theft and robberies
  • Increases efficiency: Frees staff from handling cash to focus on customer service
  • Minimises human error: Eliminates cash handling and counterfeits.
  • Full visibility of cash: Access a Reporting and Analytics Platform 24/7
  • Cash levels alerts: Be aware of the change you need in advance
  • Quick reconciliation: Easy and quick reconciliation at the end of the day
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InLane 300 allows the automation of cash handling at the checkout point and it can be configured both as self-checkout (the client picks the products and the proceed to the payment by inserting the notes and/or coins and receiving back any change) and as a device for the store staff (in this case, the process is carried out by the operator and the client directly inserts and/or withdraws the coins/notes).

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