IFX i400

Multi-Pocket Sorter + TITO

The IFX i400 is our new compact, high-speed multi-pocket sorter with TITO and clearance capabilities for gaming customers. It counts, verifies, and sorts notes by denomination, facing and orientation, at a speed of up to 1,000 notes per minute. We combined this solution to a custom-made PC module with a touch-screen, printer, and barcode reader to facilitate and speed up the clearance process. Significantly smaller, 39% faster, and more flexible than any other multi-pocket currency sorter, the IFX i400 can range from as little as 3 to a maximum of 17 pockets, offering a high capacity far more efficient, continuous processing of large quantities of notes and tickets.
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  • High-performance processing speed of 1000 notes/minute.
  • Counts/authenticates/sorts notes by denomination, orientation, and facing.
  • Reads and sorts barcode tickets (mixed with banknotes).
  • Complete your clearance in just a matter of minutes.
  • Detailed receipt printed at the end of each clearance.
  • Data can be downloaded via USB or sent directly via the cloud to your Gaming Host.
  • Sorts NGB notes from the older series and it’s ready to process the new $5s, $10s and $50s.
Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 338mm (W) x 413mm (D) x 575mm (H)

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