Bullion Pack Systems

Bulk Coin Packing Solutions

The Bullion Pack System (BPS) has been designed for high-productivity sites such as main cash centres, central bank locations and minting facilities. Offering an integrated production line solution, BPS combines the SC9001E sachet module with other equipment to automate the process of bulk coin packaging. The integrated Bullion Pack System can be customised into a range of solutions including the Mini BPS, built around a single SC9001E, to a full-sized 3-channel BPS (pictured on the left). Alternatively, these can be built to suit any customer needs, with specific combinations yielding an output of over 1000 sachets per hour whilst being managed by 1 or 2 people.
  • The system can reach an output of over 1000 sachets per hour.
  • The system portrayed to the left consists of a single-point-feeding bulk coin hopper and coin distribution conveyors, 6 x SC3003 Coin counters, 3 x SC9100H2s, 3 x Vertical Sachet Elevators and 1 x overhead conveyor, which in turn count and feed the sachets of coin into an SC Bagger 9250P.
Dimensions 9000mm (W) x 3300mm (D) x 3000mm (H)

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