AST9000 + CDS803

High-Capacity Cash Recycler

High capacity back-office note and coin recycling solution for larger club venues. Made up of 1 note modules integrated with 1 coin module, working simultaneously. The only one of its kind, specifically built for the gaming industry. Save time in the back office safe room and establish an audit trail. Each transaction is logged in by user ID, timestamp and date, and data is automatically uploaded into CashLantern, our cloud-based reporting and analytics platform.
  • Customise floats and denomination mixes specifically for user types. Eliminate float preparation.
  • Quick and automatic till dispense.
  • Till drawer configurable to 99% of all till drawers.
  • Dispense a standard $100k ATM or CRT note float in less than 3 minutes.
  • Biometrics reader available.
  • Cloud-based reporting and monitoring platform. CashLantern allows full visibility of cash and CIT integration. POS integration also available, upon request and subject to terms and conditions.

CDS803 (coin module):

  • Deposit Speed: Up to 10 coins/second.
  • Dispense Speed: Up to 45 coins/second.
  • 9 Hoppers
  • Recycling Capacity: 22,000 coins.

AST9000 (note module):

  • Continuous Deposit & Withdrawal Speed (No escrow): Up to 10 notes/second.
  • 4 Recycling Cassettes. 3,400 notes capacity per Single Cassette.
  • 1 Banking Cassette. Up to 2,800 notes capacity per Deposit Cassette.
  • Capacity per Dual Recycling cassettes: 1,800/450 notes.
Weight 970 kg
Dimensions 915mm (W) x 1020mm (D) x 1100mm (H)
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