Active Sanitisation - Sentinel

What is Sentinel?
Sentinel is a transparent anti-microbial and anti-viral surface coating that can be applied to most hard and soft surfaces to ensure on-going self-sanitisation against viruses, molds and bacteria for up to 12 months after a single application.
How is Sentinel applied?
Surfaces are pre-treated to remove any residual organic materials, then primed ready for Sentinel LG to be applied as a fine mist with a quick polish to create a finished transparent surface. Ideally, the surface is allowed to cure for several hours before use. 
How does Sentinel work? 
Both the pre-treatment and Sentinel primer prepares the surface for the Sentinel Liquid Glass (LG) solution which, on-application, creates a surface coating of particles that are much smaller than viruses, molds, and bacteria – inhibiting their ability to adhere to the surface. Next, Sentinel LG creates unique resonance frequencies and releases hydroxyl radicals which, together, shatter cell membranes effectively oxidising and killing the microbiological agents as they contact the treated surfaces. Finally, additional actives in Sentinel LG create far infrared activity transferring localised energy as micro-heat to further disrupt and deactivate micro-organisms on-going. 
Sentinel forms a protective surface barrier with particles smaller than the virus.
Negative ions, hydroxyl radicals, fusion resonance, and far infra-red technologies shatter cell membranes and continously kill viruses and bacteria.
What are the benefits?
On-going self sanitisation for up to 12 months 
Increases protection and safety of staff and visitors 
Promotes and reinforces good corporate social responsibility 
Lower perceived risk of using automated equipment 
Drives adoption of new automated and self-service equipment 
Cost-effective compared to traditional cleaning services 
How is the effectiveness measured and reported? 
Sentinel treated surfaces are certified as effective for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months from the date of application. Where surfaces are required to be validated as effective on-site, we use a Kikkoman ATP test as an instantaneous measure of biological activity. We test the Sentinel treated surface and a small area of untreated surface to show the on-going effectiveness by comparison. 
*At time of application    **3 months, 6 months, 12 months
Certifications and standards 
Sentinel is certified from numerous independent organisations: 
Sentinel is tested and certified using numerous global standards:
ISO 22196 

BS EN 1040:2005 

ASTM 1980 

JIS Z 2801